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SEIP is a remote incubation program that supports social entrepreneurs on their journey from planning to implementation.


The initiative was established by Zsolt Bugarszki, associate professor of Tallinn University, head of the Social Entrepreneurship MA program.


SEIP is a global support network of social entrepreneurs and impact oriented businesses.


SEIP Canada offers Canadian social entrepreneurs


  • an international forum to discuss ideas, shares issues with fellow SEs from across the world,

  • connect with proven SE mentors to help you,

  • events and opportunity to organise events with other international SEs

  • a collection of self-directed or short, cohort-based actionable trainings on business design, storytelling, service design and branding


The Head of SEIP Canada is Isabelle Swiderski.

Isabelle and her team support social entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem builders to grow successful
ventures. She founded her design-for-impact agency Seven25 in 2007 to accelerate the success 
of values-driven organizations—whether they operate for profit or not. Marrying an MBA and an
MA in Design, Isabelle has facilitated systems change work supporting startups, governments, foundations 

and ecosystem builders in over 15 countries on 4 continents in 3 languages. 


A sessional lecturer at Emily Carr University for over a decade, Isabelle is regularly invited
to speak and teach on topics of design-led innovation, customer discovery and impact
entrepreneurship. In 2019, she founded Protagoniste, the continuous learning network for 

social entrepreneurs. 

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