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SEIP - Customer Relations Session

"How do you keep in touch with your customers/target group members?"

Are you running a social enterprise or a purpose driven startup? Then most likely you have customers. 

They are individuals or businesses and you need to find a way to communicate with them. 

Maybe you are in a non-competitive stage, building up your community in order to gather information from your prospective customers.  Again, you need to find a way how to communicate with them.


Maybe you are an established business and you are struggling with turning website visitors to be paying customers. Or you have a group of paying customers and you do not know how to keep them turning back. 

In this 1,5 hour session you can share your success stories and challenges. SEIP's mentors will facilitate the meeting but the content is brought by you!

Saturday, 30th of July, 2022

6:00PM (Singapore time GMT+8)

5:00PM Jakarta, Indonesia

3:00PM Islamabad, Pakistan

1:00PM Tallinn, Kiev, Bucharest

12:00PM Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam

11:00AM London, Dublin

Registration for the session

Do you want to share your experince?

Thanks for registering! You will receive the ZOOM link via e-mail

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