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Thank you for registering!

Your registration is well received. Within 24 hours you will receive a follow-up email. As the first emails from a new address may land in your SPAM folder please make sure that you check it out.

If you do not hear from us within 48 hours after your registration please feel free to contact us at 

In order to know more about your social enterprise please fill out our Social Enterprise survey:

How SEIP works?

Women Colleagues

We provide you with a completely online experience of business incubation tailored for social enterprises and purpose-driven startups. 

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The program's fee starts:

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Being a member of our Incubation Program you will get access:

  • To our exclusive (only for members) online workshops, working sessions

  • All our training materials

  • Mentor meetings

  • Feedback sessions

  • Networking features (internal Whatsapp groups, online groups and forums, networking events)

  • Meeting opportunity with impact investors

  • Participating in pitching events for impact investment

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Our program managers are closely follow your progress on your business development journey and they assign badges to your profile at each milestone.

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The more badges you collect the more attention you receive from our mentors. Those who achieve the validation of their concept will be invited to our Acceleration Program.

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While the Incubation Program was focusing more on the validation of an idea, in our Acceleration Program you will be able

  • to prove your growth potential

  • to scale your business

  • being (impact)investor ready

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At the end of the Acceleration Program those who meet all the three above mentioned criteria will be connected with networks of impact investors by SEIP.  We provide you with a certificate, recommendations and endorsements. You will be one of our alumni enjoying the benefits of SEIP's international.

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