International Networking Groups

Currently, we are running 3 English-speaking International Networking Groups for social entrepreneurs and 1 Hungarian group. 

A group consists of a maximum of 6 social entrepreneurs plus 1-3 SEIP mentors who are also participating in the group sessions. 

Our groups work as a friendly business club, where fellow social entrepreneurs are supporting each other on their journey by sharing their experiences and discussing their current challenges in business development.

  • A session lasts 1,5 hours 

  • Sessions occur every second week

  • One group module lasts for 3 months (6 meetings)

  • Modules will continue with a next 3 months sessions but members might be different in the group

  • Participation is completely free of charge

If you are a social entrepreneur/impact entrepreneur running or planning your purpose driven business SEIP's International Networking Group is the right place to join. Our fast growing global online community provides you the opportunity to

Find partners abroad to extend

your business operation

Learn from fellow entrepreneurs operating in the same field in other countries

Share your experience with others

Explore new market potentials

Get support from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors

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