Mastering your sales conversations.



Each of our stakeholders needs something different from engaging with our social enterprise. So what about our customers? They each have their own profiles, as do we as entrepreneurs.

In this session you will get clarity on what your profile is as a leader and salesperson and how to adapt to what your customers and beneficiaries need from you in that exchange so you can negotiate and get traction in sales (no, it’s not a dirty word!)

What this session will give you:

  1. Keys to plan for your sales conversation 

  2. Getting to know your partner in conversation

  3. The 6 steps to a successful sales negotiation

  4. Essential ingredients to nurturing fruitful business relationships over time


Date and time: 

26th of August 2021

08:00 AM PST

11:00 AM EST

5:00 PM CET

Important notes:

  • Our sessions are highly interactive. Please be ready to participate.

  • We will be using Zoom to meet

About the facilitator:

Olivia Swiderski, Sales & Negotiation Specialist

Olivia is a young businesswoman who has always had the sharing and teaching genes in her. A student of business, negotiation, public relations and marketing, she has used her skills as a sales and marketing representative for Volkswagen and, currently, a Bordeaux-based winery with global operations.

She won Top Negotiator honours two years in a row during university (student vs. professional, 10 minutes to convince and sell) and continues to hone her craft. Her teaching approach helps entrepreneurs work on their verbal and non-verbal communication, their attitude and posture, to be as professional and credible as possible in the eyes of their client and perform at their best without resorting to sleazy sales tactics.


Presented by Protagoniste, in partnership with Seven25 and SEIP Canada