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Our online incubation program matches quality seeds with the best soil for sprouting

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How SEIP works?

We provide you with a completely online experience of business incubation tailored for social enterprises and purpose-driven startups. 

Participating in our free events you can get an impression about our working methods and about the main topics we are dealing with. 

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Following the events our program managers will contact you sending an invitation to our Online Incubation Program.

The program's monthly fee is:

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Being a member of our Incubation Program you will get access:

  • To our exclusive (only for members) online workshops, working sessions

  • All our training materials

  • Mentor meetings

  • Feedback sessions

  • Networking features (internal Whatsapp groups, online groups and forums, networking events)

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Our program managers are closely follow your progress on your business development journey and they assign badges to your profile at each milestone.

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The more badges you collect the more attention you receive from our mentors. Those who achieve the validation of their concept will be invited to our Acceleration Program.

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While the Incubation Program was focusing more on the validation of an idea, in our Acceleration Program you will be able

  • to prove your growth potential

  • to scale your business

  • being (impact)investor ready

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At the end of the Acceleration Program those who meet all the three above mentioned criteria will be connected with networks of impact investors by SEIP.  We provide you with a certificate, recommendations and endorsements. You will be one of our alumni enjoying the benefits of SEIP's international reputation.

Start your journey with us!