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Join our self-pacing online incubation program

Our online incubation program matches quality seeds with the best soil for sprouting

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1. Basic (Free Tier) - Ignite Your Social Entrepreneurship Journey 

Our Basic (Free Tier) is designed for those who are new to social entrepreneurship and eager to explore their potential. This free 2-month program offers a variety of online courses, including "What is Social Entrepreneurship?", "What is Social Impact?", "Design Thinking", and more, empowering you to develop a solid foundation in the field. You'll learn how to define and validate your ideas, set goals, and create a problem definition that resonates with your target audience. By the end of the program, you'll have a clearer understanding of your purpose-driven business path and be ready to take the next step in your journey.

2. Startup Plan - From Idea to Early-Stage Enterprise

The Startup Plan is a 12-month incubation program tailored for early-stage social entrepreneurs and individuals who have completed the Basic Tier program. This comprehensive plan follows the Design Thinking model, guiding you through empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing phases. You'll develop a solid business plan, impact plan, and working prototype, ultimately transforming your idea into a minimum viable product (MVP). Our strict no-show policy ensures your commitment and dedication to your business. With the Startup Plan, you'll acquire the skills, knowledge, and support to build a successful social enterprise.

3. Growth Plan - Accelerate Your Impact

The Growth Plan is a 12-month program designed for social enterprises with an existing MVP, ready to scale up and expand their impact. This plan focuses on growth strategies, marketing, communication, partnerships, financial planning, and more, to help you build a robust and scalable business. You'll explore market penetration, international scaling, team development, CRM, incorporation, ownership, and management forms for social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven startups. By the end of the Growth Plan, you'll have a solid foundation for long-term success and be prepared to attract impact investment and partnerships to further grow your impact.

4. Premium Plan - Expert Mentorship for Tailored Success

Unlock the power of personalized mentorship with our Premium Plan. This plan offers one-on-one consultations with experienced mentors who will provide guidance, insights, and advice tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Priced at €50 for a 45-minute session, the Premium Plan ensures you receive the dedicated support you need at any stage of your social entrepreneurship journey. Whether you're refining your business strategy, preparing for investment, or overcoming obstacles, our mentors will work with you to set concrete goals and develop a roadmap to success.

How does an online incubation work?

We provide you with a completely online experience of business incubation tailored for social enterprises and purpose-driven startups. 

We use Design Thinking as the primary development method in our Social Entrepreneurship Incubation program.  

The design thinking process is built on a set of principles that guide business developers in their problem-solving approach. These principles include:


  • Empathy: Understanding the needs and desires of users by putting yourself in their shoes.

  • Define: Defining the problem that you are trying to solve, and clearly articulating the design challenge.

  • Ideate: Brainstorming and generating multiple ideas for possible solutions.

  • Prototype: Creating a low-fidelity version of the solution, such as a mockup or a storyboard.

  • Test: Testing the prototype with users to get feedback and refine the solution.

We guide you through the development process with the help of:

  • Online courses that give you a practice-oriented insight into each development step

  • Practical assignments that you can submit to our mentors who will give you personalized feedback on your progress

  • Online workshops to practice each step with our mentors 

  • Online mentor meetings to get personal (or team-level) feedback and support on your development journey

Duration of the incubation:

The incubation program is self-pacing. Our Basic (Free Tier) program is limited to 2 months, though, because we believe that a committed person can define and validate an idea within 8 weeks. 

In our other plans, you can follow your own pace, according to your timetable. Our experience is that the shortest period to finalize the program is around six months, and the optimal duration is around 12 months. 


Expected outcomes:

1. Basic (Free) Tier:

  • Understand the basics of social entrepreneurship and social impact

  • Develop a clear problem statement and initial idea for a social enterprise

  • Set personal goals and expectations for the entrepreneurship journey

  • Gain familiarity with visualization and presentation tools and techniques

2. Startup Plan:

  • Develop a validated business model and impact plan

  • Create a working prototype and turn it into a minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Gain practical knowledge in Design Thinking and apply it to the social enterprise

  • Master the art of pitching and presenting the social enterprise to potential stakeholders

3. Growth Plan:

  • Develop and execute a growth strategy, including marketing and communication plans

  • Establish partnerships and connections within the wider network and ecosystem

  • Scale the social enterprise nationally and internationally

  • Prepare the social enterprise for investment readiness, including solid financial planning and team development

​4. Premium Plan:

  • Receive one-on-one consultation with experienced mentors tailored to the entrepreneur's needs

  • Set and achieve concrete goals in various aspects of the social enterprise

  • Strengthen weaknesses and capitalize on strengths through personalized support

  • Accelerate growth and success through expert guidance and insights

Costs of the program:

1. Basic (Free) Tier:

  • Price: Free

​2. Startup Plan:

  • Price: €15 per month for all participants, regardless of their country


3. ​Growth Plan:

  • Price: €50 per month for all participants, regardless of their country


​4. Premium Plan:

  • Default Price: €75 for a 45-minute one-on-one consultation session with a mentor

  • Additional pricing may vary based on the agreement between the team and the mentor


5. Pay-as-you-go model: 

You can select the individual courses by yourself according to your needs and preferences. (€10 per course/person)

You also can book an individual mentor session for €75 per 45 min. 


Start your journey with us!

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