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Join our self-pacing online incubation program

Our online incubation program matches quality seeds with the best soil for sprouting

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How does an online incubation work?

We provide you with a completely online experience of business incubation tailored for social enterprises and purpose-driven startups. 

We use Design Thinking as the primary development method in our Social Entrepreneurship Incubation program.  

The design thinking process is built on a set of principles that guide business developers in their problem-solving approach. These principles include:


  • Empathy: Understanding the needs and desires of users by putting yourself in their shoes.

  • Define: Defining the problem that you are trying to solve, and clearly articulating the design challenge.

  • Ideate: Brainstorming and generating multiple ideas for possible solutions.

  • Prototype: Creating a low-fidelity version of the solution, such as a mockup or a storyboard.

  • Test: Testing the prototype with users to get feedback and refine the solution.

We guide you through the development process with the help of:

  • Online courses that give you a practice-oriented insight into each development step

  • Practical assignments that you can submit to our mentors who will give you personalized feedback on your progress

  • Online workshops to practice each step with our mentors 

  • Online mentor meetings to get personal (or team-level) feedback and support on your development journey

Duration of the incubation:

The incubation program is self-pacing. You can follow your own pace, according to your timetable. Our experience is that the shortest period to finalize the program is around 6 months, while even with the busiest team the process can be finalized within 18 months. 


Expected outcomes:

  • Validated social enterprise idea with a minimum viable product or service (Validation means real sales cases)

  • Proven social or environmental impact by selected impact measure metrics

  • Clear mission and strategy, strong values

  • Stable team

  • Solid business and impact plan for growth/scaling

  • Clear value proposition

  • Potential to start the acceleration phase


Costs of the program:

a, SEIP Incubation membership (€15 per month/team)

This program provides you access to all our e-learning materials until your membership exists. 

b, SEIP Incubation Club membership (€50 per month/team) 

This program provides you access to all our e-learning materials and a SEIP mentor will be assigned to your project with whom you will have monthly consultations about your progress. 


c, You can select the individual courses by yourself according to your needs and preferences. (€10 per course/person)

Related to the topic of Design Thinking we are offering the following courses currently:


Start your journey with us!

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