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A Social Entrepreneur?

Updated: May 20, 2020

6 personality characteristics of a good social entrepreneur

Let me guess, you're here mostly because you want to become a social entrepreneur. If not, you are interested to invest in one, and to hunt down this special one.

Being a social entrepreneur, you are someone who have more than an idea for businesses and you are innovating solutions to the major problems that strike society on a daily basis. It can possibly be a self-funding, for-profit business which also has a mission to tackle global issues such as alleviating hunger, improving education, and combatting climate change. Basically, these 6 personality qualities give a head start:

  1. Creativity. The ability to think differently, to find innovative solutions where others do not see any change possible is a gigantic quality to lead a social enterprise

  2. Self-confidence

  3. Perseverance

  4. Leadership

  5. Team spirit/solidarity

  6. Adaptability

Here on this Forum, we would like to invite you to tell us something about you as a Social Entrepreneur in the topics relevant to you >>

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Those are definitely the personality qualities of a SE!

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