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Brand Strategy Workshops with Luca Jakab

Luca is an experienced Brand Consultant and Mentor coming from a culture-oriented entrepreneurial background with a passion for innovation and social impact.

She will start her Brand Strategy Workshops at SEIP in January 2022 and we have conducted a short interview with her about her plans.

In January 2022, you will launch a new program at SEIP. Would you introduce yourself briefly?

I grew up in Budapest and moved to London in 2013. I share my time between the two cities and am grateful to have two homes. I graduated with several different university degrees - for most people I am known as an art manager and creative entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing and e-commerce, but before I started my career in the creative industries, I also studied social work and philosophy, as I have always been very interested in social and ethical issues in addition to culture. For a long time, I wasn’t sure how I could combine and use my diverse skill set, but over the past few years, I’ve realized that as a brand strategist, I can help purpose-driven businesses, NGOs, and creatives build honest and effective brands based on their values. You can read more about my career and achievements on my website:

What is your program about? What are you going to do at SEIP?

My goal is to help social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven business owners understand how to use branding to build aligned and effective brands. Many business owners know the basics of marketing, but they don’t know that their marketing strategy should be based on a brand strategy, and/or how to set a foundation for their brands before they start spending a fortune on social media and advertising. I will serve as a guide throughout the branding program, and along with the workshop participants, we will walk through the basics of brand building. Hopefully, SEIP members will be able to incorporate some elements into their own brand and marketing right away.

How do you see social enterprises? As a business or a social movement?

In my opinion, both. I really like the term “profit for purpose” - it perfectly describes the nature of a social enterprise. It has become clear that purely profit-oriented operations will no longer be sustainable in the 21st century, so the existence of social enterprises is not only desirable but necessary.

Who do you recommend this new program to? Who can benefit the most?

My workshops will be most useful for those who already have a business idea or brand, but since the program is about the basics of branding, it can also be useful for SEIP members who don’t have a mature business idea yet. For them, I recommend bringing their personal brand or an imaginary brand to the workshop to have something to work with during the year we will spend together.

What are the criteria? Are there any requirements?

There are no requirements, but the workshops will be most useful for the participants if they can attend as many occasions as possible, so they can complete all the workbooks which we will use to learn about branding.

What can participants expect from this program?

Before every workshop, I will send out a Google form with a few questions to each participant, which must be answered, so I can prepare relevant content for the sessions. I will start every workshop with a 20-minute introduction to the topic, and then in the next 40 minutes, we will discuss the topic together. At the end of the workshop, we will complete the relevant brand strategy workbook together.

I look forward to seeing you all!

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