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David Parks (United Kingdom)

Updated: May 9, 2020

David grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. Before becoming a social entrepreneur he already had a career in public services, specialising in criminal justice, law and social work. David is the founder of The Skill Mill, a multi-award-winning social enterprise. He developed The Skill Mill from a germ of an idea he had on his way to work one day. In just 6 years it has grown into an internationally renowned Social business.

David fully understands the challenges faced by social enterprises in bringing the idea to market. The multi-dimensional nature of the challenge is what excites him, managing every detail of the operations. Channelling creativity to produce a brand and service which meets a multitude of need is the ultimate buzz. Solving problems which creates opportunities for people who otherwise would not have them and at the same time delivering something valuable that people actually want and need is the zenith of a Social Entrepreneur’s world.

Besides having the lived experience of developing and sustaining an internationally successful social enterprise David is qualified in the Advanced Diploma in Practice Education and Development (Social Work), An MA Youth and Community Work and a BSc (Hons) Geography. He is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. David is an Associate Partner of the Centre of Crime and Justice at Northumbria University and a council member at Tallinn University (Social Entrepreneurship MA Programme).

David is an alumni of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Vice Chair of the

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