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Embracing Social Entrepreneurship in Africa.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Many entrepreneurs in Africa began by tackling social problems and making a huge positive impact in their communities without intending to become social entrepreneurs. They may not even know what the term "social entrepreneur" connotes.

Nevertheless, we are witnessing a rapid increase of social enterprises across Africa, driven by the youth who are aware of their potential and the opportunities they present in addressing social problems.

There are many social Enterprises accomplishing incredible things in Africa. Here are a few examples of impact-driven businesses which have intended positive impact in addressing relevant social issues.

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria's first digital agriculture platform that connects farmers with small investors who can invest in them during their farming season.

Since its launch in 2016, Farmcrowdy has rapidly expanded to include over 25,000 small-scale farmers. The social enterprise was recognized with several awards, including the British Awards for African Development's Africa's Innovative Business of the Year.

Toolboksi is an online platform in Tanzania that connects informal sector workers with people in need of carpentry, plumbing, or construction work. Their goal is to reduce unemployment in the informal sector. This platform won "Best Social Impact Start-up" at the 2019 Southern Africa Start-up Awards.

PAM Africa is a renewable energy company in Nigeria, founded in 2021. They seek to improve the lives of Africans by providing quality energy access (solar power) to Nigerians at a low cost.

PAM Africas has announced the lunch of their project called "Net-Zero Villages" which promotes a whole systems approach in which communities reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs).

SiyaBuddy is a recycling and waste management business in South Africa that seeks to both benefit the environment and create job opportunities by buying waste from the community and reselling it to recycling companies. SiyaBuddy won the World Export Development Forum's young entrepreneurs pitch competition in Ethiopia.

Smart kitchen is a social enterprise in Uganda that provides clean cooking alternative energy to traditional polluting fuels of charcoal and firewood by introducing the use of briquettes.

The briquettes are smokeless, clean, and affordable, with consistent heat output while cooking.

They not only aim to save the cost and time of cooking but improve the health of rural dwellers and their environment.

Are they businesses solving relevant social issues but don't address themselves as social enterprises? or Do you know a social enterprise in your country?

Please leave a comment about such businesses and the impact they are making.

Let's shine a light on social enterprise/impact-driven businesses operating in Africa.

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