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How SEIP works?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The Social Entrepreneurship Incubation program provides you with a completely online experience of business incubation tailored for social enterprises and purpose-driven startups.

How to start?

  1. Try any of our online workshops.

We recommend you participate in one of our online events, where you can get an impression of our working methods. Every second week we organize a very hands-on workshop involving participants in an exercise relevant to business development for social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven startups. You can participate in our biweekly events free of charge, and without any further commitment, you can utilize the tools and methods we introduce to you right on the spot.

You can participate in as many free online events as you want. (Please read our disclaimers below *,**)

An online e-learning course follows each workshop with the same (or, in many cases, more extended) content. These e-learning courses consist of the tools and methods we introduced at the workshop and end with an assignment you need to submit to our mentors. SEIP mentors will answer each task individually. We will send out the link to the relevant e-courses to all the participants, and you can purchase them one-by-one or by subscribing to be a SEIP member or SEIP Club Member.


*Please note that not all of our events are free of charge. We also organize events and exclusive programs available for our subscribed members only. In some cases, the number of participants might be limited, as we can work only with a certain number of people simultaneously.

**As a result of COVID's caused ZOOM fatigue, we recognize the tendency that many people developed the habit of registering for online events and failing to appear after that. SEIP reserves the right to restrict access to our free-of-charge workshops for those who repeatedly fail to appear without any previous notice.

2. Subscribe to our programs

Subscribing to our programs allows you to access all of our events (free and exclusive) and all the e-learning materials available on our platform. The real value of the e-learning materials is not the content but the submitted assignment, which will be evaluated and answered by our mentors individually.

When you participate in our workshop, you are in a group situation at times in a small group, but we also organize webinars for dozens or hundreds of participants. We try to make our events as interactive as possible, but you still have very little chance to receive detailed feedback on your work and your questions to be answered.

By choosing any of our subscription programs, you will receive tailor-made feedback on your submissions within our e-learning system and access to exclusive events where the number of participants is always limited.

Currently, we are offering two subscription options:

  • For a monthly fee of €15/team, you get access to all of our e-learning materials, and your submissions will be answered individually by our mentors.

  • You also have the right to participate in our exclusive events above the free workshops.

  • SEIP members will be invited to closed discussion groups where they can exchange their experiences and work on co-operations and networking. Mentors are also actively participating in these discussion groups.

  • For a monthly fee of €50/team, you get access to all of our e-learning materials, and your submissions will be answered individually by our mentors.

  • SEIP Club members can use 50 mins individual online mentor meetings each month and get priority to book their slots in our limited and exclusive events.

  • SEIP Club members can also use their closed discussion groups and get direct access (Whatsapp, FB messenger) to their mentor for rapid Q&A sessions.

The badge system

Another essential element of our programs is the badge system. When you complete an online course, you receive a badge proving that you have mastered that topic, and we consider that you are aware of that dimension of your business development work. Our platform has over 1000 registered users, which is growing rapidly. We cannot follow each project, and we long ago exceeded the level of operation where we know each member personally very well.

We introduced the badge system to inform our mentors about the most capable and potential members who deserve more attention and an individual approach based on their performance.

Badges are given to those that

  • complete our e-courses and submit their assignment.

  • are subscribing members and submit the assignment after participating in a workshop.

(Participating in our free-of-charge event only doesn't make you eligible for the badges)

Regardless of your subscription type, the more badges you have on your SEIP profile, the more chance you have that our mentors will contact you with an individual offer.

Upon invitation, selected projects will be introduced to our expert team, whose main task is supporting being an investment-ready entrepreneur and/or scaling internationally.

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