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Ideation phase of Design Thinking

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The importance of ideation in social entrepreneurship lies in its ability to generate ideas that can create significant social and environmental impact while also being financially sustainable. Ideation helps social entrepreneurs think creatively, challenge assumptions, and identify new opportunities for positive change.

Effective ideation in social entrepreneurship requires empathy and understanding of the community's needs, as well as a deep understanding of the social and environmental challenges faced by the community. By empathizing with the community and understanding their needs, social entrepreneurs can generate relevant and meaningful ideas that can create sustainable solutions to complex problems.

We have created an online course for social entrepreneurs that provides a step-by-step guide to the ideation process. This course is integrated into our online Incubation Program and can be completed separately or as part of your incubation process.

We use Design Thinking as the primary development method in our Social Entrepreneurship Incubation program.

How to join our online incubation program?

1. Answer our short questionnaire to give us an impression of the status of your social enterprise (idea).

2. Select the program that fits your needs:

a, SEIP Incubation membership (€15 per month)

This program provides you access to all our e-learning materials until your membership exists.

b, SEIP Incubation Club membership (€50 per month)

This program provides you access to all our e-learning materials and a SEIP mentor will be assigned to your project with whom you will have monthly consultations about your progress.

c, Select the individual courses by yourself according to your needs and preferences. (€10 per course)

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