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Ignite Your Impact: Join Our Social Enterprise Incubation Batch!

Hey there, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to ignite your social enterprise journey and make a real impact? While our Social Entrepreneurship MA program applications are already scheduled for the 2024-25 academic year, we've prepared something extraordinary to keep your entrepreneurial spirits soaring!

Introducing the Social Enterprise Incubation Batch—a dynamic online program tailor-made for early-stage, purpose-driven entrepreneurs like YOU! 🚀

European social entrepreneur participating in online course from Amsterdam

At Tallinn University, we understand that your passion for creating positive change knows no bounds. That's why we've crafted this unique Incubation Batch from September to December 2023 to give you the head start you deserve. Whether you already have a social enterprise idea or are itching to embark on a new venture, this program is designed to empower you every step of the way.

Why is this program perfect for you?

🌍 Global Connection: No matter where you are, this incubation program is at your fingertips. It's entirely online, allowing you to participate from the cosy corner of your hometown or the bustling streets of a faraway city. All you need is a device and a passion for change!

Flexible Timing: Life can be a juggling act. We get it! Our program is designed to fit your schedule. With online courses, task submissions, and mentor feedback, you can set your own pace and work on your project at your convenience.

🤝 Expert Mentorship: Our experienced mentors are eager to guide you. They'll provide valuable insights, constructive feedback, and the encouragement you need to bring your social enterprise idea to life. You're never alone on this adventure!

🌱 Ideation to Implementation: We'll cover everything from the spark of an idea to a fully-fledged plan. Our design thinking model will empower you to explore, experiment, and refine your project, ensuring it's rooted in purpose and impact.

🎓 Recognized by Tallinn University: The dedication you pour into the Incubation Batch won't go unnoticed! By joining this program, you'll earn six credits* to be acknowledged in our upcoming Social Entrepreneurship MA program. It's a fantastic stepping stone towards your academic goals!

Don't miss this golden opportunity if you're excited about making a difference and growing as a social entrepreneur. The world needs your vision, your passion, and your innovative spirit!

Click here to secure your spot in the Social Enterprise Incubation Batch. Let's create a better world together! 🌟

See you in the virtual realm of impact and change!

*credits can be only used for Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program


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