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Incubation progress

Yesterday we had a General Assembly meeting in our Social Entrepreneurship incubation program, and we discussed three projects.

Sirjan from Nepal is working on a green project replacing plastic plates for food delivery services with a sustainable green solution in his neighbourhood.

Areej and her team from Karachi, Pakistan, are also preparing a green project to convince local shop owners to use their textile bags instead of offering plastic ones. Amazingly, we already had a project like this. Saher from Pakistan established a social enterprise offering environment-friendly fabric bags to local sellers.

One of the bags designed by Saher
One of the bags designed by Saher

Evania, Zakirullah and Rahmawati, led by Abdullah are running an educational and mentorship program for students in Indonesia. They are piloting their project at their University in West-Jawa.

They are still at the beginning of their development journey. As we are following Design Thinking method in our incubation program, all the participants will focus on active communication with their target group members. Hopefully, soon, we can report more about their progress.

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