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Living Labs to Accelerate Impact in Social Entrepreneurship

Living Labs have become an increasingly popular approach to driving innovation and tackling complex social, economic, and environmental challenges. By fostering collaboration, co-creation, and user-centered design, Living Labs can unlock the potential of social entrepreneurs to create more effective, relevant, and impactful solutions. In this blog post, we will explore the potential of Living Labs for accelerating impact in social entrepreneurship and highlight an exciting opportunity to join an innovative course offered by Tallinn University.

The Potential of Living Labs in Social Entrepreneurship:

Living Labs provide a unique environment for social entrepreneurs to test, develop, and validate their ideas in real-life settings. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, including end-users, businesses, academia, and government agencies, social entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights, feedback, and support throughout their innovation journey. The key benefits of Living Labs for social entrepreneurship include:

User-centered design: Living Labs emphasize the importance of involving end-users in the innovation process, ensuring that the resulting solutions are genuinely relevant and effective for the target audience.

Co-creation: By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, Living Labs can harness the collective expertise, creativity, and insights of their participants, leading to more innovative and effective solutions.

Open innovation: Living Labs promote open innovation by encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and leveraging external resources and expertise, which can help social entrepreneurs overcome barriers and accelerate their impact.

Real-world testing: Living Labs provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to test their ideas and solutions in real-world settings, enabling them to identify potential issues, gather user feedback, and refine their offerings before scaling up.

Networking and collaboration: Living Labs facilitate connections and collaborations among social entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and potential partners, leading to new opportunities, strategic partnerships, and access to additional resources and expertise.

Join the Living Lab Journey with Tallinn University:

Tallinn University offers an innovative course that guides participants through the process of creating Living Lab ideas, focusing on the potential of Living Labs for accelerating impact in social entrepreneurship. Now, you can join this journey by taking advantage of the eLearning elements of the course.

The eLearning materials, provided by experienced lecturers at Tallinn University, cover various aspects of Living Labs, from their key principles and characteristics to their role in supporting social entrepreneurship. Submitted assignments will be evaluated by Tallinn University lecturers, providing valuable feedback and guidance to help you refine your Living Lab ideas.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity! Until the 30th of April, the eLearning materials are available free of charge. By participating in this course, you can gain valuable insights, knowledge, and skills to harness the power of Living Labs in your social entrepreneurship journey.


You can still apply for our Online Social Entrepreneurship MA program until the 1st of June. Read our summary of the program here:

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