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New academic year at TLU's Social Entrepreneurship MA program

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The 2022/23 academic year has started at Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program. This year we not only opened a new cohort in our Master's program but also created a unique Microdegree program.

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

The Social Entrepreneurship MA (SEMA) program provides a full degree after two years of studying at Tallinn University. Once you are enrolled, you need to travel to Estonia, participating and spending two years with us physically to obtain your diploma.

The program follows the Project Based Learning (PBL) method. Students apply with a business plan, and from the beginning of their studies, they develop their social enterprise supported by our classes and other programs like SEIP (Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program).

The advantage of the physical presence is that you will be part of the vibrant Estonian startup ecosystem enjoying the benefits of an advanced digital society and learning a lot about the culture of innovation. Estonia is a great place to see what the future of entrepreneurship will look like while you can develop your social enterprise in a very pro-business environment.

Currently, we offer this program for €2116 per semester.

The Microdegree program is a unique opportunity to participate in some of our online courses, collect 30 credits, and obtain a micro degree certificate in Social Entrepreneurship.

We recommend this program for social entrepreneurs working on their business development who can't afford to leave their businesses for Estonia. They can join from all over the world and focus on their development work without any interruptions. Participants of the Microdegree program are taking the core courses of our MA, and with them, we also follow the Project Based Learning (PBL) method.

It means that all courses will serve them directly on their journey. All their assignments, exams and tasks will be related to their topic, applying the obtained knowledge immediately in practice and proving their progress in real life.

Currently, we offer the Microdegree Program for €1320 (30 ETCs, one academic year)

We are happy that a very diverse, enthusiastic cohort started the academic year, having people from all over the world in the MA program and the Microdegree Program. At SEIP, we are delighted that two participants (one in the MA and another in the Microdegree Program) came to us after participating in our incubation program.

We are building an ecosystem here, supporting social entrepreneurs from the beginning of their journey until the realization of their dreams.

Starting with our events, joining our incubation program and advancing to more structured opportunities provided by Tallinn University is an optional journey for aspiring social entrepreneurs.


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