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Online Social Entrepreneurship MA program at Tallinn University

Tallinn University opens an online Social Entrepreneurship MA program for those:

  • Who are acting social entrepreneurs and can't afford to leave their businesses (and their families) for a two years MA program.

  • Who would like to develop a social enterprise in their home country and need training and support on their journey while also wanting to obtain an official Masters's degree.

  • Who would like to be an expert in social innovation by participating in international projects using the Project-Based-Learning method.

This is not your regular academic program.

We rely on the advanced digital society of Estonia co-operating with start-ups using AI technology in student identification (Veriff). In this program, AI is not banned but embraced. Instead of your essays (written by whoever), your real-life development is the indicator of your performance regardless of the source you are using. Using the latest, cutting-edge technology can be your advantage on this journey.

You can find more information about the online Social Entrepreneurship MA program at

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