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OptCrops - Interview with social entrepreneurs Sunandan Sarkar and Limbaroyati

Sunandan and Limbaroyati is a couple from Bangladesh and Indonesia living and studying in Estonia. Sunandan just graduated from Tallinn University where he studied social entrepreneurship while Limbaroyati studies in the Digital Learning Games MA program. They developed OptCrops an application that supports smallholder farmers in Bangladesh.

Can you please introduce yourself shortly?

Sunandan: Hello, my name is Sunandan Sarkar, and I’m a fresh graduate of the Social

Entrepreneurship MA program. I have been living in Tallinn and pursuing my master’s study since 2018.

These two years of adventure in Estonia has taught many life lessons and equipped me with not only academic knowledge but also life experiences, providing a new, practical and digital perspective on the world in which we live. Besides, the crucial factors that guided me throughout the journey are Motivation, Perseverance, Adaptability, Leadership and Unwavering willingness. However, after graduating from Tallinn University, I feel more confident, curious & responsible and want to contribute my knowledge and skills to the community in a functional manner.

Limbaroyati: Hi my name is Limbaroyati, I’m a freelance designer, I enjoy making some art works. My works includes UI/UX design, Logo design, Animation, Illustration, and Game design. Currently, pursuing my master in Digital Learning Games at Tallinn University.


What brought you to Estonia?

Limbaroyati: Well, we’d like to explore and experience something different in some part

of the world and we found out Estonia might be best for both of us. Since we both found courses that we like. Also, the country seems very interesting. So, we just pack the bag and fly here.

Sunandan: My ambition to study in Estonia stems from its transparency, e-residency, digital society and startup environment. After checking information available online, it was evident that a business can be established here in a fast & efficient manner.