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SafeAmigos is a social enterprise that promotes safety and wellbeing with the aim of tackling Gender violence. This enterprise has created a Personal safety app for smartphones that possess features that enables its users who are in dangerous situations to ask for help from those within their life circle thereby making its users Feel Safer & Reassured. Read more on SafeAmigos via

Students supporting SAFEAMIGOS within the framework of the SEIP University Cooperation Program:

Merve Koók:

I am Merve Koók, currently a student of the Commerce and Marketing department at Budapest Business School. I'm also a freelance UX Designer.

I have always had interests in startups and volunteering. I think this program is good to combine these two interests. I feel glad for this opportunity that we can help and learn many things at the same time.


I am Diana Marcu, a first-year student at the Faculty of Business Administration from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

I am a very active person that likes to take up new activities all the time. My interests include public speaking, volunteering experiences, politics and any field of activity in the economic sector.

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