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SEIP AFRICA - A Social Entrepreneur's Journey with Martha Onyilokwu

Social entrepreneurs awaken with a burning desire to address long-ignored societal issues. They devise novel solutions to problems and generate revenue in order to be financially sustainable and have an even greater impact on the lives of others in their communities.

A social enterprise doesn't happen overnight. They are different phases involved and these phases also undergo ups and downs in their execution to bring an idea into existence/reality.

SEIP AFRICA in collaboration with Martha Onyilokwu invites you to the first online event focusing on social entrepreneurship in Africa. Martha will share with you her own journey with her project.

It is an hour online event taking place on the 26th of November, 01:00 PM (EEST).

Martha Onyilokwu from Nigeria is a graduate of the Social Entrepreneurship Master's program at Tallinn University. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Engineering.

Martha's passion for Arts and Creativity led her to create a project that focuses on empowering writers through a platform "Talebooth" that connects with local writers and storytellers to support, build and market their works to digital audiences worldwide.

The project is currently targeting Nigeria and some countries in West Africa.

If you are interested in hearing her story, project, and how she is making an impact in her society, register for the event here.

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