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SEIP AFRICA's online incubation program

SEIP AFRICA seeks to positively influence potential participants who are interested in gaining knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship or have an interest in launching a business with the intention of having a positive impact in their community by addressing a social, and environmental issue with their innovative business ideas.

This is an online incubation program where participants will receive support from mentors of SEIP, offering structured review and mentoring to implement their innovative ideas using relevant material and resources.


Program duration: October 1st – December 31st, 2023

Language of instruction: English

Registration fee: 15 euros per individual/team (You can register for the program as an individual or with a team of 3 max.)

Please note that registration includes filling in the form and payment of 15 euros per individual/team. This requirement must be met before the 30th of September to qualify.


  • Anyone with an innovative business idea

  • Previous business experience is not required

  • Looking to develop a project in Africa

  • Access to the internet

  • Active participation throughout the program (deadlines for given tasks must be met)

  • Completion of registration before the 30th of September


  • Access to our tailored online courses and other materials

  • Mentorship/feedback

  • SEIP Certificate


A. Introductory phase (1st of October - 31st of October 2023

  • What is social entrepreneurship?

  • What is Design Thinking?

B. Research phase ( 1st of November - 30th of November):

  • Research your users' needs - Empathize

  • Develop a user persona

C. Development of your business model ( 1st of December - 22nd of December 2023):

Participants will dive deep into creating and finalizing the business model for their respective innovative ideas.

D. Pitching Day - 29th of December.

At the end of the program, each participant or representative of a team will present their business plan based on the CANVAS model with a pitch of a maximum of 7 minutes.

All ideas will be evaluated by a panel of judges, including SEIP mentors and the founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEIP), Mr. Zsolt Bugarszki, Phd. who has experience in leadership of development projects in the field of social innovation, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

All participants who complete the online incubation program (completion of all courses and participation in the pitching day) will receive a digital certificate from SEIP.

Register Here

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