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Excited to start a new journey at SEIP as a Program Manager intern of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

My interest in rural and community development, in seeking activities and ways to increase the livelihood of people in my community led me to enroll in the Social Entrepreneurship Master's Program at Tallinn University. Presently, I am working on a social initiative for farmers in my home country, Nigeria.

Thanks to SEIP University cooperation in which I participated, I had the opportunity of collaborating with a social enterprise in Uganda, Smart Kitchen, whose focus in the direction of community development led to creating an affordable clean energy source for cooking. It was truly an amazing experience to be part of such initiative and see the huge impact it had in reducing pollution the community. I learnt so much more than what I had expected from the collaboration.

Thus interning at SEIP, I look forward to enjoying everyday of this internship knowing I am doing something fulfilling and impactful. But most importantly I look forward to improving and gaining new skills.

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Zsolt Bugarszki
Zsolt Bugarszki
02 iun. 2022

Welcome to SEIP Evina :)

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