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I look forward to expanding my understanding of youth entrepreneurship at SEIP as a Program Manager intern of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

While pursuing my degree in Social Entrepreneurship, at Tallinn University, I have developed a passion for developing healthcare systems in rural areas. As a result, I am now working on a mobile health initiative to address the needs of citizens in my country, Nigeria.

My participation in the SEIP University program gave me the chance to collaborate with an Alumnus of Tallinn University, who started an initiative to allow kids in Africa to learn their mother’s language using tablet computers loaded with special software.

I was in charge of the social media handling and making sure the accounts gets enough followers and get recognized by potential influencers. It was an amazing experience to be part of such an initiative and see the huge impact it had on the African kids' lives.

I'm excited to intern at SEIP and gain valuable professional skills through this experience.

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