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SEIP Saturday - Design Thinking Workshop with Maarja Halik.

SEIP held an online Design Thinking Workshop on the 17th of September with Maarja Halik, founder, and co-leader of an educational program called Proovikivi, a civic engagement platform in the making, and is a project coordinator at Tallinn University. Participants from Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar, Botswana, Uganda, India, Netherlands, Pakistan, and Malawi were in attendance.

Design Thinking as an overarching development method used in the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program focused its workshop on helping the participants understand the design thinking approach, the design thinking stages, the various design thinking tools available, and how this approach could be used to create a more exceptional customer experience in their respective projects.

It was a very intensive, practical session. A breakout session was created and participants were divided into teams as they discussed and analyzed different case studies where design thinking approaches were evident.

The participants also had the opportunity of sharing their individual experiences on their individual enterprises/projects as well as figure out and test out some of the design thinking tools that would be beneficial to them in creating an innovative product/service using a user-centered approach. In addition, they received guidance and feedback from Maarja Halik on their projects and initiatives.

If you interested in knowing about the design thinking phrases or tools that could be of use to your business ideas/ project? or couldn't make it to the workshop. You can take the mini-course on Design Thinking using this link:

The mini-course is free for our subscribers (to be a subscribed member of our incubation program, you can find all the necessary information Here). For non-members, the mini-course is available for €10. Everyone who finalizes the Design Thinking mini-course receives a badge.

Collecting a critical amount of badges is necessary to be invited to SEIP's acceleration program where participants will be Investor ready.

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