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SEIP SATURDAYS - Business Model Canvas

We had yet again another themed SEIP SATURDAY on the 13th of August. The theme was focused on the Business Model Canvas(BMC).

This Saturday differed from the previous SEIP Saturday. How so? You may wonder.

Firstly, all participants in attendance came with a ready-to-work attitude . Most had the opportunity of working on their existing entrepreneurial ideas using the business model canvas as this Saturday included a hands-on interactive practical session.

Secondly, The last SEIP Saturday was on the topic of customer relations. You can visit the previous blog post on the topic here.

The topic "customer relations", how to keep in touch with ones customers/target groups, is one of the important segments in the structure of the BMC. It is important for businesses to not just retain their customers but to grow their customer base and so this Saturday's event focused on guiding the participants in using the BMC to carefully integrate what their social entrepreneurial idea/ business offers with what the customer wants/needs and much more.

The session as usual started with introductions from each participants, some of which are SEIP members as well as some new faces. It was followed by an opening by the founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, Zsolt Bugarszki, on the importance of using the business model canvas and a detailed descriptions of the features of the canvas. The session carried on being productive with our participants fully working on their respective ideas. The Business Model canvas is an important tool utilized in an incubation process. Thus, those who participated in the event made an important step in their journey in the incubation program.

SEIP uses the badge system to motivate and keep track with the progress of its participants. Each participants will be assigned a badge not based on attendance of the Saturday event alone but also on the requirement that they submit their work. In addition, they will receive suggestions and feedback on their work.

If you missed the themed SEIP Saturday event on the Business Model Canvas, you can also take the course online here :

On that note, you are all invited to the next themed Saturday with SEIP which will be on the 27th of August. Look forward to the theme.

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