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Bridging the gap between loved ones, The Simi App has created a home space on the phone which is inclusive of all ages so that loved ones can be in touch with each other weather close or far away. It has integrated features that promotes affection and the wellbeing of loved ones.

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Students supporting SIMI APP within the framework of the SEIP University Cooperation Program:


My name is Shisia Barasa from Kenya. I am currently a student at Tallinn University studying an MA in Social Entrepreneurship.

I have a background in human resource management, operations and administration. I have worked with a project that provided loans for people living in informal settlements and victims of GBV.I am passionate about availing education to bright disadvantaged young people.


My name is Linda Schöne and I study sustainable social policy in Germany. Currently, I do my Erasmus in Tallinn University.

I am an open-minded and curious person. I think that the SEIP program is a good chance to gain some experience in working with social enterprises and at the same time help these enterprises to grow. Therefore, I am happy that I can work together with SIMI App.


I am Yury Mysin, a student of Social Entrepreneurship Master program, Tallinn University.

My working and volunteering experience prepared me to start a new path in the social sector. I decided to participate SEIP because I consider it is a good opportunity to get new business skills and knowledge about social enterprises, and, of course, to meet new people


Zsolt Bugarszki, Associate Professor at Tallinn University, head of the Social Entrepreneurship MA program, founder of the Social Entrepreneurship

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