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Social Entrepreneurship: the practice, impact and challenges

Social entrepreneurs are positively changing the world one step at a time in their own creative innovative ways. Their passion and zeal in constantly finding solutions to social problems is to be admired.

When you picture social entrepreneurs, what do we see?

I picture pro active youths taking a stance in the development of their communities, coming up with creative business ideas, working hard in implementing them. They are bringing about change which is beneficial to the society and its environment.

That being said, SEIP had a very detailed discussion with Saravana Kumaran, founder of The Bean Loop . He is a social entrepreneur who has innovatively figured out a way to utilize used coffee grounds to make ocean friendly, antioxidant rich and exfoliating natural soaps, body scrubs, facial cleanser, handwash and candles.

The soaps made from spent coffee grounds have anti- proliferative, antioxidants, and antimicrobial effects. Additionally, the soaps and other products are handcrafted, cruelty free, natural, climate friendly, sulphate and paraben free. Saravana aims to bring remarkable revolution in the coffee industry and play his part in reversing climate change.

He went on further to share his experience and challenges he had encountered on his social entrepreneurial journey.

The challenges range on from perfecting his product to its packaging and branding as well as marketing strategies. He is also looking to upscale production. Thus, he is also working earnestly to improve his product for his consumers thanks to the feedback he has received so far.

Saravana is also looking to recruit teammates from different fields of expertise who share the same passion and zeal in making change to help him accomplish his goals.

SEIP provides supports to social entrepreneurs with its tailor-made online incubation program in helping them to achieve their goals. If you are interested in our incubation program you, Please visit the link and register:

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