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Social Innovation Eurovision

How diversity, culture and history is shaping the future of social innovation in Europe.

This podcast will explore the interaction between social innovators and the environment they function in. Political, social and cultural contexts of innovation matter and it is vital we understand them to accelerate learning and exchange across borders and sectors, in order to better prepare for the common societal challenges we face.

This podcast is part of The European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA), funded by the European Commission.

Uffe Elbæk is a Danish social worker, author, entrepreneur, politician and founder of the political party The Alternative. In 1982, he founded an open platform for cultural and social entrepreneurship called Frontløberne and in 1991, he established The KaosPilots, an alternative business school in Aarhus. From October 2011 to December 2012 he served as the Danish Minister of Culture. He is currently a Member of Folketing (Danish Parliament).

In this episode, Uffe shares his decades of experience working across different sectors.

This episode comes at an interesting personal time for Uffe as he concludes his final term in parliament. Uffe reflects upon more than 40 years of work experience. He observes that the best of entrepreneurs are outsiders - people who didn’t feel they fitted into mainstream culture. This episode also highlights the power of civil society in the Danish context, the climate crisis and the potential of relationships to create webs of social change. Do not miss out on this inspiring conversation!

Hosted by So Jung Rim and Louise Pulford, music by Evan Schaeffer, produced by Fié Neo.

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