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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The Green Factory is social enterprise that is saddled with the responsibility of Sustainable Carpentry. They produce various wood works and ensure that there is Zero Waste in the production process by putting into significant use all piece of woods and residues gotten from it.

Students supporting The Green Factory within the framework of the SEIP University Cooperation Program:

Maria Serena Stoica

My name is Maria Serena Stoica and I am currently a student at the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages, in Bucharest, Romania.

I enjoy learning new things and I like to help people in any way I can.

Recently, I discovered that business is what I want to do in my life and I think the SEIP programme can help me pursue it.


Simona Goia is an Associate Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania. She holds a PhD in the field of Business Administration since 2011 and teaches in various Bachelor’s and Master’s programs within the German and English Department of the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages. Her scientific and teaching interests include social entrepreneurship, educational policies, and human capital. Simona Goia has extensive international research and teaching experience and she is engaged in various projects especially in the field of social entrepreneurship and education carried out in collaboration with national and international organizations.

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