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The YINNOH Empowerment Center

To date, more than 1.4 million refugees have been forced to settle in Uganda, alone, and this number is steadily increasing, daily.

Due to severe social and environmental instability in my home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), I was forced to flee as a refugee to neighbouring Uganda in 2017. I searched for any form of employment as a means of survival and also tried my utmost to find some kind of settlement; both without success. I realized that a vast majority of refugees faced similar, very real and frightening challenges. This inspired me to create something for them, to empower them so they can realize their potential as workers, entrepreneurs and even job creators. So, after graduating from the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), I founded the Youth Innovation Hub (YINNOH), to empower vulnerable and displaced persons and marginalized youth to identify and develop their potential."

Founder of Yinnoh, Benjamin.

The Center in its current construction stage in September 2021

The YINNOH Empowerment Center

The social dynamics within the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement make it very difficult for youths to find a place where they can safely:

• come together to access online resources,

• attend e-learning courses,

• attend the various training courses that YINNOH offers.

They do not have a safe meeting place where they can socialize with one another and share ideas and activities either. However, in May 2021, YINNOH successfully purchased a parcel of land as the first stage of the development and construction of the YINNOH Empowerment Center. With this Center, we hope to create a safe and healthy environment for the children and youth in which they can prosper.

Now, you can support YINNOH's crowdfunding campaign, helping the organization to finalize the construction of their Empowerment Center. (Do not be scared of the Norwegian introduction. Scroll it down and you will find the English version).

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