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Volunteers Wanted for Mental Health and Wellness Event atZOUK Singapore

Take A Break! frankie Wellness Retreat 2022

Run in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Wellness Festival Event 2022, frankie is bringing rest and wellness to the city with more than 30 wellness sessions across 2 weekends. The event will be held on-site at Zouk on the 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th of June 2022.

About frankie

frankie is a mental health and wellness platform that rewards users for improving their wellness - with just one small step a day.

Why frankie is running Take A Break! Wellness Retreat 2022

frankie is bootstrapped mental health and wellness company that believes in slow wellness. The wellness retreat was organised to do two main things:

A. Raise awareness for the importance of rest and its impact on wellness;

B. Raise funds to hire our key staff to advance the frankie mission of making mental health and wellness accessible for all

Volunteer Roles Available

Minimum commitment dates: 10th May - 6th of June 2022

On-Site Volunteer Roles

• Event Facilitators

• Sound Engineers

• Event Videographer

• Event Live-Stream Videographer

• Event Photographer

Remote Volunteer Roles

• Content Writing

• Wellness Ambassador

All volunteers will receive the following from us

• Certificate of Participation in the frankie Take A Break! Wellness Retreat

• 3-session pass to the frankie Take A Break! Wellness Retreat

• A goodie bag of our token of appreciation

Contact us on WhatsApp at (+65) 8892 6402 to sign up as a volunteer.

Attn: Mr. Roth Ding

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Subin Shrestha
Subin Shrestha
May 08, 2022

Hi, I am willing to volunteer but remote volunteer as I am not in Singapore. So can I know what is the procedure to get started? Thank You.

Zsolt Bugarszki
Zsolt Bugarszki
May 09, 2022
Replying to

Dear Subin, thank you for willing to join frankie as remote volunteer. We have sent your contact info to the organizers, they will send you an email.

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