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We created this online MA program for you

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Are you a social entrepreneur eager to reach the next level of impact and income with your business? We designed a special program that directly supports your development journey while at the end of the process, you also receive a full academic degree at Master's level.

This is the online Social Entrepreneurship MA program (SEMA).

Leveraging the advanced Estonian digital technology and our robust experience with online solutions, Tallinn University offers this program entirely online.

The ideal person for this program is a social entrepreneur running his/her business or just about to start to develop a new social enterprise idea. We seek the doer type of people who prefer action and want to act immediately.

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

Project-Based Learning

Our program follows the Project-Based Learning method. Participants start/continue developing their social enterprise from day one using this method. Classes, learning materials, meetings with our lecturers and professors, and working with classmates directly serve your real-life development journey.

When you attend our MA courses, all your assignments will be connected to your own enterprise. You must implement those assignments and send us your progress report. With this method, the academic journey is directly connected with the practice, and you get lectures, mentorship and supervision all in one.

Traditional academic programs turn you into a student, separating learning from real-life practice. The general mindset is that you enter the course, sit in the classroom, and are expected to use the newly gained knowledge in a projected future when you can finally implement all the learned things in practice.

There is a time shift between the period of learning and practical implementation.

In our program, this time shift doesn't exist. You use your newly gained knowledge and skills immediately, and your real-life performance is the real indicator instead of the marks given by your teachers.

Online learning, eLearning

Another important element of the program is its online nature of it. In a traditional program, we usually meet students who are coming from their previous BA-level educational program. They have been students their entire life. They act and look like full-time University students devoting themselves to their studies.

As a full-time student, you hardly have time to practice what you study in a traditional academic program. Most assignments are abstract (essays, imaginary project plans, opinion papers, literature summaries or tests). And 99% of them are landing in the folder of your teachers without any real-life case use.

We designed our online program intending to keep our students close to practice. We want you to have enough time to develop your social enterprise and run your business. This is your number one agenda. Stay focused on your business.

During the day, you implement a new marketing strategy; you conduct customer research, measure your impact or fine-tune your communication. In the evening, you open your laptop and call into your SEMA class, sharing your experience with your ongoing work, engaging with new learning materials, and participating in highly-interactive online seminars that boost your development work.

We follow up and support your journey for two years. A long enough period to develop a social enterprise idea from scratch to being impact investor ready. When you graduate, you not only obtain a Master's degree, but you also can spin off your ready-to-go enterprise.

If you have time, you can still travel. As a student of Tallinn University, you are eligible to participate in different exchange programs, and you can spend your internship abroad experiencing new cultures and building up your social capital. But if you are a busy person, having a family, raising your kids, being busy with your enterprise or full-time job, you do not need to give up your life to participate in the Master's program.

Over the last five years, we have received many inquiries from people who loved our practice-oriented approach to education but couldn't afford to give up their life, abandon their families and move to Estonia for two years. Now, we are coming back to them with these newly designed programs.

  • Busy entrepreneurs,

  • Single moms,

  • Family people,

  • People with low income who can't afford to move,

  • People beyond their student age but still eager to learn new things,

  • Digital nomads and tech navy evangelists,

  • Local patriots who wanna serve their community

We are ready to serve your journey of being a successful Social Entrepreneur.

Here you can ask your questions about the SEMA program:

And here you can follow our official website:

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