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Why is it essential to involve users? #userinvolvement #DSSILab #FREEkey #DisabilityStudiesDW

Updated: May 25, 2020

Nowadays the design, the development and the implementation of various services does not work without the opinion of those people who will use them.

We go much further than asking their opinion merely.

Based on our experiences in the field of disability issues, we believe that disabled people should be involved in the whole process from the first idea up to the evaluation of the service.

This co-production approach ensures that we are dealing with something that people surely need. Within large service systems, like education, social or labor market services, it is possible to create local and individual adaptations according to the preferences of the users.

Source: truthseeker08

In this approach there is no hierarchy between individual actors, disabled people are just as valuable members as others: they can be co-initiators or co-creators and not solely co-implementers.

Co-production with users is a unique and inclusive form of value creation.

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