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YEP, General Assembly Meeting

On the 4th of June (2022), we had our next General Assembly Meeting with 5 participants. 4 of the participants are new to the program and they were able to enroll and get more insight into what the incubation is all about.

It was a wonderful meeting because everyone had to introduce themselves starting from Zsolt, afterwards, one of the New Program Manager interns (Jennifer Chinonye Irabor), spoke about what she’ll be doing and how she will be assisting the members of the program, along with Evina Anietie Essien (also Program Manager Intern). It was also a great opportunity to hear about everyone's ideas, what they are looking to work on and what they are already working on.

We discussed the mini course the new participants can start with, which is “What is Social Entrepreneurship”. A bit of an explanation regarding Design Thinking was also discussed by Zsolt.

Talking about the participants at the meeting today, @Abdullah Haidar is a graduate of Sharia Business Management, also he has been able to set up a community, named Tazkia Champion, which focuses on improving achievement, hard skills, and soft skills (Like sports competitions, essay competitions, public speaking, writing skills, editing, photoshop, etc). He has completed two out of the 4 mini courses the program has.

@Himanshu Mittal is from India, he’s currently pursuing Integrated and Tech in computer science engineering. He’s interested in pursuing Social Startups in the future, which is the reason he joined the incubation program, that he found on the internet. His idea is about working on unemployment in India, which is a very big goal he’s looking forward to accomplishing with the help of the incubation program.

@Oana Durcau she’s new to the program as well, she’s from Romania, a computer science student, and she’s looking to develop her social skills and learn more about the social programs. She’s currently working on a program focusing on high school students to help them know more about universities, organizing events with them, due to insufficient information on some university websites. The name of her program is Bway Project (Instagram - bway.project). She has a partner named Larisa Moldovan.

@Kristina Hajdarasi she’s also new to the program, she’s from Albania, currently doing her bachelor’s in general law, she’s interested in contributing and participating in other groups such as Social Entrepreneur. She currently does not have an idea yet; she just wants to learn and then come up with an idea she can contribute.

Unfortunately, Muhammad Junaid Faiq had severe internet issues, therefore, we couldn’t hear what he had to say or contribute.

Most of the participants couldn’t join the meeting today due to their final exams.

Looking forward to Our next General Assembly meeting, which will be on the 18th of June, everybody who is enrolled in the program or looking to be enrolled is welcome to join.

If you are interested in our Youth Entrepreneurship Program you can sign up here:

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