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YEP, General Assembly Meeting

On the 18th of June (2022), we had our next General Assembly Meeting with 7 participants. All the participants were already enrolled in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, and a few of them were given more insights into the mini-course required for the program.

It was a productive meeting, everyone spoke about what they are looking to start up with, what they have started, and what they are currently working on.

Speaking of what they have started, let me introduce you to one of YEP’S participants @Nimra, who is from Pakistan and already has a productive small enterprise “The Duende Shop” (IG - @theduendeshop_). She creates and sells amazing, scented candles and uses products that are purely organic and eco-friendly. She is also working on organic skin care products.

@Lalit is from India, an Engineering student, who had a start-up named ServiLaun, which is a laundry marketplace platform that does doorstep pickup and drop-off services. Currently, he is researching Agri-tech, to start up and working on his pitch deck for his potential investors.

@Areej, she’s from Pakistan, a Bioscience student, she’s currently working on a project, which is about replacing plastic bags inside most shops in Karachi, she’s also in the process of looking for the source of the fabrics which they will construct the bags from. Areej got a lot of ideas from Nimra, Lalit, and of course, Zsolt, regarding moving forward with her project. And the meeting was productive and informative for her.

@Akan, is from Romania, studying two programs at two different universities, Business Administration and International Relations, he’s interested in entrepreneurship, currently, he’s working with his family, after Covid, they acquired a restaurant, they cater for events. In the future he plans to open his own hotel, he has a lot of ideas and considering ESG factors as well. Akan is also part of some NGO programs, one of them is at his university (Liga Studenților - Universitatea „Ovidius” din Constanța), and they are trying to get students to fight for their rights. Akan also shared his Instagram handle (@akanmert14), hoping to connect with different people.

@Riya is from Nepal and a computer engineering student. @Surini, she is from Sri Lanka. @Ramiz is from Albania and a Law graduate.

Hopefully, in the next meeting, we will learn more about Riya, Surini, and Ramiz’s ideas.

Finally, everyone spoke about the tax force in their countries, and how it works, got to learn more about Pakistan, India, and Nigeria's Tax systems.

Looking forward to our next General Assembly Meeting, which will be on the 2nd of July, everybody who is enrolled in the program or looking to be enrolled is welcome to join.

If you are interested in our Youth Entrepreneurship Program, you can sign up here:

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