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YEP, General Assembly Meeting

On July 2nd, 2022, we had our General Assembly Meeting, which takes place every two Saturdays interval, with 10 participants in attendance. Two of the participants were already enrolled in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program and had started their mini-courses, and the rest were all new to the program. We want to use this medium to welcome all new participants to the Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

During the meeting, our amazing entrepreneur, @Nimra, announced to the group that she had launched her organic scrubs on the 1st of July. She also shared with us that she is among the top 10 winners selected for the Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Challenge, 2022. Congratulations, Nimra.

It was a productive meeting, a few of the participants had amazing ideas to share. Some are already in the works, while some are looking towards starting up.

Let’s start by talking about @Anup Paikaray, he is from India, he’s an innovator and a bidding Entrepreneur who wants to bring a change in the lives of rural people all over India and the world. He is currently on a utensil for rural areas in India, which is a very efficient and affordable clay cooking stove, to replace the biomass cooking stove. And he is working with a team (2 founders and a few interns). They have created a prototype, which they have handed over to the people in the community to test and get feedback.

@Syed Suliman, he’s a Political Science student from Pakistan. He's looking to change the world with proper education, which made him join different organizations (Member Youth Parliament of Pakistan, Social Activist, Chairman of Welfare Organization, SAYA welfare organization). These organizations focus on peace through education.

@Charles Busuulwa is from Uganda, he’s currently in a program called Social Innovation Academy (SINA), Mpigi. He works with AVAL (Add Value, Add Life), which focuses on fighting post-harvest food wastage, they naturally dry. AVAL is currently running with two products on the market, that are yet to be certified, both in the international and local markets. They aim at fully utilizing whatever is produced from the garden. With this, they shall be producing fiber from pineapple leaves to produce hair extensions.

@Yadav Khushi is studying BTech in artificial intelligence and data science from New Delhi, India.

@Arina, she is from the Republic of Moldova, she is passionate about entrepreneurship and she’s currently working in this field. She’s also into IT and is looking to develop a business that will include social and IT fields.

@Nisar Hussain, he’s a Media graduate, he is currently working with an NGO organization that focuses on children's relief as a media manager.

Towards the end of the meeting, we spoke about the badges we launched into the program last week. You can read more about it here.

New updates are coming every week. You will all be updated about every step.

Everyone who is enrolled in the program or seeking to be enrolled is welcome to attend our upcoming General Assembly Meeting, which will be on July 16th.

If you are interested in our Youth Entrepreneurship Program, you can sign up here:

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