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YEP incubation progress April 2022

Last Saturday, we had a General Assembly meeting in our Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Program with participants from four continents. Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

We discussed the progress of three social enterprises.

Martha from Nigeria is not only participating in our Incubation Program but also a student of Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program in Estonia.

Her topic is storytelling, creating a platform for writers where they can get considerable publicity. Using the Design Thinking method, Martha did a great job contacting hundreds of writers and authors. She spent three weeks in Nigeria organizing face-to-face events with her growing community, receiving a lot of support and valuable feedback on her prototype platform.

Martha is co-creating this platform with her future users, emphasising their needs and preferences.

Another very successful entrepreneur is Nimra from Pakistan, who produces eco-friendly candles. She gives job opportunities to a rural community in Pakistan, selling their products successfully in urban areas. Just like Martha, Nimra is also focusing on community building, having many returning customers by now.

Gergely, from Hungary, participated as a business school student in our SEIP University Cooperation Program last year. This year she came back to us as a social entrepreneur with an exciting documentary film project called Atlantis Together. He shared with us how they managed to find an early investor for their project and how they tried to involve more people with the help of crowdfunding.

More than 100 participants have joined our online incubation program since January 2022. The online program is open to everyone who wants to enter the field of purpose-driven businesses.

If you are between 17 and 26 years old, you can join the program free by filling out this simple registration form.

If you are older than 26 years old, you also can participate by paying a symbolic monthly membership fee of US $15.


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