SEIP is a remote incubation program that supports social entrepreneurs on their journey from planning to implementation.


The initiative was established by Zsolt Bugarszki, associate professor of Tallinn University, head of the Social Entrepreneurship MA program.

SEIP is a global support network of social entrepreneurs and impact oriented businesses.

SEIP Romania offers Romanian social entrepreneurs


  • an international forum to discuss ideas, shares issues with fellow SEs from across the world,

  • connect with proven SE mentors to help you,

  • events and opportunity to organise events with other international SEs

Head of SEIP Romania is ​Daniela Staicu


Ms. Daniela Staicu co-runs a social business in clothing manufacturing and recycling based in Bucharest, Romania “Atelier MERCI” (


Daniela Staicu is Doctor in Business Administration, degree awarded by the Business Administration Doctoral School - Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 2019. Her research was focused on „Models of social business in the Romanian textile and clothing sector and barriers in business development”. Daniela is engaged also in research in two Erasmus + programs related to rural social entrepreneurship and community social entrepreneurship. Her interests are related to social entrepreneurship, social business models, circular economy, circular business models, rural entrepreneurship.


In 2018-2019, Daniela was awarded the Fulbright Student Award and was engaged in research in social entrepreneurship at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, United States. 


In the past three years, Daniela was assistant professor at the Faculty of Business Administration and taught seminars related to „Social entrepreneurship” in French language, “Entrepreneurship and Social Business Development” and “Business Negotiations” in  English language.


For 4 years, Daniela was engaged in developing social enterprise „Art in Bucharest”, walking guided tours inside artists studios based in Bucharest, Romania for Romanian and foreigner art lovers, held in English language. 


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