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Secret Street Tours workshop

How to turn your story into something more!


Social Entreprepreneurship

Incubation Program (SEIP)


Date: Monday 16th of November 2020


12:00PM - (GMT-4) New York

05:00PM - (GMT) Dublin

07:00PM – (GMT+2) Tallinn

Price: €15 ($18) 

100% of the participation fee goes to Secret Streets Tours tour guides!

This digital workshop will be given by the renown Irish social enterprise Secret Street Tours (SST) about how they turned their storytelling to drive their enterprise while educating and highlighting the public one of the most pressing social issues in Irish society currently, homelessness. 

SST is a non-profit social enterprise offering you a new way to discover the streets of Dublin through the eyes and experiences of someone who has been affected by homelessness. Their goal is to empower our guides with skills and confidence to take the next step toward independent living whilst offering our customers a channel to engage with one of Dublin’s most pressing social challenges.

Hear from one of their guides Shane Howell about his story while he shows you some of the hidden gems of Dublin and then from the SST team about how to form your story into the most powerful instrument to drive your social enterprise!

Shane Photo.jpg

Shane Howell, is a Cork native who has lived in Dublin for the past 11 years. He has an intimate knowledge of the Smithfield area, having once called these streets home. Since working with SST, Shane has honed his storytelling skills and is excited about the opportunity to reconnect with society after spending 7 long years in the isolating world of homelessness.

Kenny Eivers.PNG

Kenny Eivers was made homeless in 2009. He subsequently spent a number of years living in hostels and on the streets of Dublin. In recent months, Kenny has been looking forward to a new venture - as a new guide with non-profit Secret Street Tours.

Tom Austin .png

Tom Austin is a Salesforce architect (X13 Certified) who manages a Customer Success team that specialises in helping nonprofits unlock the power of Salesforce technology to further their missions. He is the founder and CEO of Secret Street Tours - a nonprofit social enterprise that trains those affected by homelessness to become walking tour guides of their neighbourhoods. Empowering them with the skills and confidence to share their story

Fiona Photo.jpg

Fiona O'Sullivan has over 20 years experience in the tourism industry. She established Custom Ireland in 1996 with Crothúr Murphy. The company provides destination management, conference and event services to international clients, incentive houses and associations. In 2014 she set up her own consulting service specializing in tourism and hospitality looking at everything from Market intelligence to Product design.

Pierce Dargan.png

Pierce Dargan is the founder and CEO of Equine MediRecord. Equine MediRecord develops, sells and maintains the first and only mobile application, website and database to allow for the digital recording of equine welfare regulatory documentation in the Equine industry. He co-founded and is non-executive Chairman of a non profit organisation, Secret Street Tours. Pierce was named in Ireland’s 30 under 30 business people and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Ex-PRO North America Rugby Player.

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