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Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship for Impactful Social Change in a Challenging Africa e-Seminar

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Social Entreprepreneurship

Incubation Program (SEIP)


Date: Thursday 30th of July 2020

Time: 1:00pm – (GMT)


About the Seminar


Current research and practices have proven that social entrepreneurship is one of the fastest ways to create positive impact and tackle challenges confronting Africa. Many people across the continent, both young and old, have identified such challenges and have begun their own economic and social enterprises with the motivation of making impactful contributions to meeting the needs of society. One of the major challenges encountered by (social) enterprises are the questions growth and sustainability. Growth and sustainability should be measurable in size and in time. 

This webinar addresses factors and practices that hinder sustainability of social enterprises leading to deprivation of the social impacts that come with it.  It provides a step by step approach to growing (social) businesses and seeks to enhance the impact society enjoys from it and at the same time, boost the financial resilience of businesses for today and the future. Renowned and accomplished (social) entrepreneurs, investors and scholars will serve as resource persons to provide a complete toolbox to participants in ensuring that their social enterprises in the various African countries will be successful in meeting the current pace and dynamics of becoming successful sustainable value creators and social impact makers. The webinar is designed for startups, social entrepreneurs and people ready to venture into social entrepreneurship.

This webinar is organized by the West Africa Development Project of the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (SEIP) in partnership with Idea2Market Africa. 


Foster Ofosu:  Foster works as Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity Development Specialist at the African Development Bank. He is an astute economist and a strong enterprise builder across Africa and Europe.


Seth Amofah (SEIP, Urban Sense). Seth is a co-founder of Urban Sense, a social enterprise working in providing transferable work knowledge in urban areas in Ghana. He is also the lead researcher at the West Africa Development Research Team at Tallinn University. He is currently completing his PhD at Tallinn University, Estonia.

Frank Dugasseh Akowuge (Founder, Wechiau Community Library). Frank’s social enterprise has been operating since 2011 and has grown from operating within a small community to cover several districts in the entire area of Northern Ghana today. His social enterprise has received international recognitions including UNSDG UNLEASH Talent 2017, Coca Cola Young Achiever 2017, Mandela Washington Fellow 2014. Frank is a friend of sustainable environment, hence he is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Even before the session, you can post your questions and remarks on the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program forum and receive feedback from other social entrepreneurs involved in the program and the workshop facilitator.


Seth Amofah


Foster Ofosu


Frank Dugasseh Akowuge

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