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Startup Plan
(enrollment is continuous)


The Startup Plan is a 12-month program for early-stage social entrepreneurs. You will go through the Design Thinking model, turning your idea into a working prototype and minimum viable product (MVP). 

In order to know more about you and your goals, please fill out the following questionnaire:

The timeline of the plan is flexible. Participants can complete the program in a self-pacing manner.  Our suggestion is to complete the program within 12 months. 

Program Content:

Basic/introductory courses:

  • Online Course 1: What is Social Entrepreneurship?

  • Online Course 2: What is Design Thinking?

Empathizing Phase:

  • Online Course 3: Research your users' needs - Empathize

  • Additional/elective courses: 

  1. Research in Social Entrepreneurship

  2. Ethnographic Research for Social Entrepreneurs

  3. How to create a Survey?

  4. Conducting interviews with vulnerable people

  5. Introduction to Data Analysis

  6. Research Data Visualization

Defining phase:

  • Online Course 4: Define Phase of Design Thinking

  • Additional/Elective courses:

  1. User Persona​

  2. Empathy Map

  3. Problem description from Macro and Micro perspective

Ideation phase:

  • Online Course 5: Ideation Phase of Design Thinking

  • Additional/Elective courses:

  1. Moonshot Thinking​

Prototyping phase:

  • Online Course 6: Prototyping Phase of Design Thinking

Testing Phase:

  • Online Course 7: Testing Phase of Design Thinking

Business model development:

  • Online Course 8: Business Model Canvas

  • Additional/Elective courses:

  1. Strategic Planning

  2. Creating Effective Action Plans for Social Entrepreneurs

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