Storytelling for social enterprises

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Social Entreprepreneurship

Incubation Program (SEIP)

Date: Thursday 24th of September 2020


09:00AM - (GMT-4) New York

02:00PM - (GMT+1) London

          04:00PM – (GMT+3) Helsinki

09:00PM - (GMT+8) Singapore

As a social entrepreneur, you understand that your business does not operate in a vacuum. It thrives from being connected with clients or beneficiaries but also funders, policy makers, staff, partners, and community leaders. Understanding what motivates these stakeholders to engage with your work and the value you can deliver to them can guide your communications and storytelling strategy and strengthen your ecosystem. 

The workshop will be led by brand and business designer, Isabelle Swiderski. Drawing on her global experience as an ecosystem builder, startup advisor, and serial social entrepreneur herself, Isabelle will lead attendees through applied concepts around designing a storytelling strategy with a stakeholder lens.

Isabelle Swiderski is an ecosystem builder, advisor, and entrepreneur. Her main focus is on helping founders thrive as social entrepreneurs in the current startup culture. She is an educator and perpetual student on topics of social entrepreneurship, systems change, and inclusion + diversity. 

As an ecosystem builder, she supports the development of productive connections in the service of collaboration, diversity, cultural storytelling and sustainable growth.

She founded Seven25, a multidisciplinary consultancy nurturing the rise of impact-driven ventures, 15 years ago and holds a joint MBA from Brown University and IE Business School and an MA in Design from the Royal College of Art. She has been teaching design-led innovation for 17 years as part-time lecturer at Emily Carr University, as an invited subject-matter expert globally, and inside Protagoniste—online learning for social enterprise business design.


Isabelle Swiderski

As part of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand why humans respond to and tell stories

  • Understand the elements of powerful stories and how to plan for creating (or curating) your own

  • Explore and map the ecosystem in which your enterprise lives

  • Outline the pain points you solve for each stakeholder and create a persona for each

  • Plan content types and themes that connect to the personas you‘ve created


After the session, you can share the results of your explorations on the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program forum and receive feedback from other social entrepreneurs involved in the program and the workshop facilitator.