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4 Stories of Social Entrepreneurs - Panel Discussion

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Social Entreprepreneurship

Incubation Program (SEIP)


Date: Thursday 10th of September 2020

Time: 04:00pm – (GMT+3)

Great storytelling begins with a clear understanding of your enterprise's history and values. In this panel discussion we introduce you four social entrepreneurs who are sharing their story with the participants emphasizing the strong connection between their personal stories and their enterprises' values.


The event is moderated by Zsolt Bugarszki (Founder of SEIP - Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program) and Isabelle Swiderski (founder of Seven25).


Anne-Marcelle—courtesy name, Hao Anh (郝安)

loves to share her purpose in life which is to shed light onto the understudied and “seemingly” unrelated connections between people, languages, and cultures. Storytelling is at the core of all her actions. As a third culture kid—born in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), educated in the United States, with a coming of age transition through 中国 (China)—Anne-Marcelle thrives at the intersection of many worlds. As community designer, she is always ready to address interpersonal and intercultural dynamics between and within groups.

Aidan Scott 

Aidan Scott is the Co-Founder and CEO of Speakbox, a Therapeutic Support Platform, improving the delivery of mental health care across North America. After experiencing mental illness in his own life and seeing first hand the barriers preventing millions from accessing care, Aidan recognized that to be effective, patients and care providers need to function as one harmonious team.


Before Speakbox, Aidan has worked tirelessly over the past ten years influencing policy and programs to improve access to mental health care using digital technology.

Outside of work, Aidan enjoys running the Seawall near his home in Vancouver and embarking on new adventures with his wife.

Nargiz Askerova

Nargiz Askarova is the founder and CEO of newHorizons a social enterprise specialized in providing empowerment programs, educational solutions with the goal of making every girl fulfill her full potential.


She has attended leadership engagement and entrepreneurship development programs in Canada, Korea, Kenya, Germany, and UAE, and she is an active social entrepreneur working on girl’s empowerment initiatives. 

Recently, she is living in Tallinn, Estonia. She is pursuing a graduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Tallinn University, a field that she consciously chose to build her skillset and toolset to employ entrepreneurship as a mechanism for positive social change.

Tolulope Kilanko

Tolulope has background in Urban Planning and currently studying Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at Tallinn University. A co-founder at Avena Games a Nigerian mobile games development company with skills developed in 3d modeling, animation, project management, entrepreneurship, 3d design, marketing and software development life-cycle management.

His passion includes humanitarian activities, environmental protection and educational empowerment. He believes in using technology to solve educational problems in a fun and engaging way.

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Isabelle Swiderski is an ecosystem builder, advisor, and entrepreneur. Her main focus is on helping founders thrive as social entrepreneurs in the current startup culture. She is an educator and perpetual student on topics of social entrepreneurship, systems change, and inclusion + diversity. 

As an ecosystem builder, she supports the development of productive connections in the service of collaboration, diversity, cultural storytelling and sustainable growth.

She founded Seven25, a multidisciplinary consultancy nurturing the rise of impact-driven ventures, 15 years ago and holds a joint MBA from Brown University and IE Business School and an MA in Design from the Royal College of Art. She has been teaching design-led innovation for 17 years as part-time lecturer at Emily Carr University, as an invited subject-matter expert globally, and inside Protagoniste—online learning for social enterprise business design.

Zsolt Bugarszki an Associate Professor at Tallinn University. Head of the Social Entrepreneurship MA program in Estonia and founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program. He is developing and running social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability related courses and curriculum. Using the project-based learning method he is organizing development and incubation programs with an emphasis on social innovation. 


Isabelle Swiderski

Zsolt Bugarszki

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