SEIP is an online incubation program supporting social entrepreneurs, impact oriented innovators and purpose driven businesses with an extended international network of peers, experts and mentors.

The incubation program has two main elements:

In our very active FORUM you will find a community of social entrepreneurs, impact oriented startup founders and experts that are supporting each other. 

You can get inspirations by other examples, can find answers to your questions and get access to useful information and resources for your business development in a friendly online environment. We regularly organize short online courses, webinars and workshops.

In our six-month online incubation program participants are guided by our mentors. Everyone with an initial social enterprise idea is welcome to join the program and we help you to create your business plan and to identify your impact potential and validate your concept.


During the incubation period you will have video consultations with our mentors every two weeks discussing your progress and finding solutions to challenges.

Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD


Zsolt has relevant experience in  project management in the field of social innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. As the Head of Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program in Estonia he is developing and running social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability related courses and curriculum. Using the project-based learning method he is organizing development and incubation programs with an emphasis on social innovation. 



WISEs​ and Sustainable Labor

Professor of sustainable labor participation of refugees at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and  is academic staff member at Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship, where he teaches on (social) entrepreneurship in various Master's programs. He holds a PhD in International Development Studies at Utrecht University and has extensive international experience in research, higher education, and international cooperation in Europe, Latin America and (East) Africa.   >> 

Ireland's 30 Under 30

Pierce is the founder and CEO of Equine MediRecord. Equine MediRecord develops, sells and maintains the first and only mobile application, website and database to allow for the digital recording of equine welfare regulatory documentation in the Equine industry. He co-founded and is non-executive Chairman of a non profit organisation, Secret Street Tours, training people affected by homelessness to be tour guides of their local areas. This helps them develop skills while giving some of the most vulnerable people in society a platform to tell their story. Pierce was named in Ireland’s 30 under 30 business people and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Ex-PRO North America Rugby Player.

Impact Business Mentor

As an impact business mentor Katri-Liis will help you make sure that you are focused on solving the right problem so that the solution you develop actually tackles a real societal need which has a robust methodology and business model behind it. >>

Social Entrepreneur

David grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. Before becoming a social entrepreneur he already had a career in public services, specialising in criminal justice, law and social work. David is the founder of The Skill Mill, a multi-award-winning social enterprise. He developed The Skill Mill from a germ of an idea he had on his way to work one day. >>

Public Service Innovator

Kadri is a doctor and health promoter working for Vorumaa Development Center. Her main field is social innovation in rural areas, public service innovation. She has relevant experience with co-creation at social hackathon events.

Social Entrepreneurship

Audrone is a lecturer of social entrepreneurship at Tallinn University. She has PhD in Management Science. Her research interests are social enterprise, social impact and social impact assessment. She is a member of EMES - an international research network for social enterprises.  

Public Economics & Management


Jakub is a lecturer of economics at Tallinn University. He has a PhD in Public Economics and teaches various courses from the fields of economics and management. He has co-founded the volunteer centre as has substantial experience from the private non-profit sector, including managing public projects. 

Strategic Content, Design Mentor

Jodee has a deep passion in creating user-centred experiences. She applies UX strategies, and her interdisciplinary education has given her knowledge about every aspect in the process of developing an engaged online community - everything from understanding the business and its objectives to end user consumption of the service/product.​ Her interests are Education technology, sustainability, mental health recovery >>

Sustainable Development, SDGs

She is a sustainability blogger and a content creator from Georgia. Currently, she lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Studying at Social Entrepreneurship MA's program and work as a social media manager. 


Experiential Marketing

Ashley Misleh is a former Senior Marketing Manager at one of the top 3 hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts (USA)


She started her career as an intern and saw first hand, from the ground up, all of the intricacies in developing network, local and Experiential Marketing. >>

Psychology, UX/UI


Michaela is a UX/UI designer with a background in psychology, research, recruitment, design, art therapy and arts. She has a BA in psychology and is currently acquiring her MSc in Human-Computer Interaction. Her main interest is UX research and getting to the root of the problem as well as helping starting teams to dig deeper to meet their users needs.   >>

Service Developer, Special Ed

Csilla is a service developer in the field of disability issues for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience as a special needs educator and an economist in network building, strategic planning and co-transforming ideas to projects. She is currently an assistant lecturer at ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education. >>

Economist and Special Needs Ed 


Anikó is a special needs educator and economist, working in the interdisciplinary framework of Disability Studies. She is an assistant professor at ELTE University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education. Her research interest is self-determination across the life span of persons with high support needs. >>

Sustainable Development, SDGs

Jackson has more than 20 years of regional experience working in multiple leadership roles. Started as engineer in industrial automation, Jackson gained experience in other sectors such as power generation and distribution, energy management and sustainable development.  >>

Expert of Social Policy

Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD. expert of social policy, is experience in leadership of research and development projects including project management in the field of social innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.  >>

Investments, Finances

Experienced Wealth Manager with a unique history moving into the Financial Services. Skilled in Investments, Strategy, Lecturing, Molecular Biology, Market Research, Biomedical Engineering, and Healthcare. Specialized finance professional with business, scientific and art background.

Entrepreneurship, Technology

Marek is the Head of New Ventures at KPMG Baltics. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management and he is a lecturer of business model design at Tallinn University. Marek has worked with hundreds of early-stage startups and co-founded several startup ecosystem events and formats in Estonia >>

Sociologist, Survey Statistician

Ildikó is a sociologist and survey statistician. She works as an Associate Professor at ELTE University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Field of expertise:

- Quantitative social research both in market and opinion research

- Questionnaire design

- Sampling

- Weighting

- Quantitative analysis of survey data >>

UX/UI, Front End Web Developer

Sara is a UX/UI Designer and Front End Web Developer. She is extremely interested in projects that have a social dimension.


Experienced User Interface Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Process Design, Web Design, HTML, Front-end Development, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Strong arts and design professional with a Master's degree focused in Digital Technologies/Open Society Technologies from Tallinn University.