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Call for social enterprises, and purpose-driven businesses for
receiving support from University students

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7 European Universities

30+ international students 

7 Supervisors and mentors

Seven Universities partnered with the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (SEIP) in order to support social enterprises and purpose driven businesses by delegating talented, creative university students to them.

Duration of the project: 

18th of March to 20th of May 2022


What kind of support social enterprises will receive?

Students are studying business, design, social sciences or social entrepreneurship. They can help in 

  • business development process

  • customer support

  • corporate and government relation

  • impact measure

  • social media management

  • fundraising (crowdfunding, impact investment)

We are in start up phase working on a social enterprise idea, can we participate?

Yes! Students can help you in the design thinking process when you empathize, define and ideate before coming up with a prototype product or service. 

We are a non-profit organization, not a social enterprise. Can we join?

In case you want to move toward a social enterprise model, increasing the sustainability of your organization you are more than welcome to join. We emphasize entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities in our program so we do not deal with charity, volunteering and non-profit fundraising or grant writing activities. 

We are a for-profit business. Can we join?

In case you have a consciously intended and measurable social or environmental impact or you decided to explore your business's social identity, you are more than welcome. Our students can support your journey to be purpose-driven.

Our organization is not in Europe. Can we join?

Yes! The entire program is online, all activities will be conducted on the internet using online communication tools and platforms. You only need to be aware of the time difference. Majority of our students are located in the CET (Central European Time) time zone. If your organization is in Africa there won't be large time differences, but if you are operating in America, Asia or Australia, you need to take into consideration the different time zones. With some creativity and flexibility it is manageable, therefore we kept the doors open for social enterprises from all over the world.

What obligations/tasks I will have during the program?

We are expecting you to set a clear and realistic goal for the 8 weeks program and support/supervise the activities of the students according to your organization's team culture. Students will receive support and supervision from their university too, but very important to have a host supervisor during the program.

How can I apply?

Please fill the registration form below and prepare a max. 3 minutes pitch for the 18th of March pitching event. Your pitch is supposed to introduce your organization shortly and the challenge/task students will work on during the 8 weeks of the program. 

How will you select the participating social enterprises?

Each applicants that meet the above mentioned criteria will be invited to the pitching event. After the event students will decide which social enterprise to support in small groups and applying social enterprises will be informed accordingly.

Does participation cost anything for the applying organizations?

No, participation is completely free of charge and no specific costs are emerging related to the participation of students in your development work. 


Thanks for submitting!

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