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Andries Volschenk (Slovakia)

We introduce our new mentor, Andries Volschenk:

"A qualified legal eagle who converted to entrepreneurship way back when.

I have had many adventures in business development and starting up businesses; running them and having them run with me, putting them to bed and selling them, buying them and funding them. Winning and losing and playing the game.

My first dive was into experiential marketing and communication. Life then took me through brand communication design, online dating, web development, private equity, social enterprise, mobile payments, food & beverage and commercial property.

I have significant fiducairy experience, having served as director on numerous boards, and have also lectured in Business Practice and Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Marketing Management, and Human Resources Management.

My path has now led me here, to the SEIP, where I am putting all this experience and knowledge at your diposal. I can help you to get your thoughts in order, create context, and get your plans together. If you need, I can show you how to communicate more clearly, express yourself better, and build, maintain and grow relationships and networks.

If you are already up and running, I am here for you if you need input into any of the facets of your business; favourable or challenging, no matter.

Entrepreneurship is a calling, a state of mind and a lifestyle. You are here because you have a good reason to be. I know how much energy it takes to do what you do, and I am here to assist. Let us shake the trees of opportunity and see what fruit may fall.



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