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Anna Kudiyarova Ph.D

Anna Kudiyarova, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst, Certified CARe Trainer 'CARe Program'.

Anna is a Director of Psychoanalytic Institute for Central Asia and co-founder of Kazakhstan Psychoanalytic Association. She has organized and give a push to the projects such as supportive employment and living as a part of deinstitutionalization process in Kazakhstan. Another her great input to the societies development is a opening of the café chain Training Café&Bar. This is a social enterprise where people with mental and intellectual disabilities can have training and are employed. Her team is a getting bigger expertise in human rights issues. Since 2009 she is leading her Psychoanalytic Summer Schools to train specialist to enhance knowledge in the field of psychology, psychoanalysis, social work and other related areas.

Areas of expertise:

- Individual and group psychoanalysis

- Social Entrepreneurship

- Supportive employment and living for people with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities;

- Deinstitutionalization

- Group and individual supervisions

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