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Rated 18 Shoes is a social enterprise that seeks to empower women and girls who have survived Child Marriages. The Brand employs solely women who have survived child marriage, these women are involved in all the handmade shoe production processes and then, 50% of the profits realized is put back into education survivors of child marriages.

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Students supporting RATED 18 SHOES within the framework of the SEIP University Cooperation Program:


I am Dominika Iklódi, currently a senior student at NUPS in Budapest and a second year student at BBS where I am studying commerce and marketing. I am mostly interested in economic diplomacy and happy to say that I will be an intern at the Hungarian Embassy to Canada in Ottawa during spring in 2022.


My name is Bianca Andrei and I am currently studying Business Administration in Bucharest, Romania. I am very interested in the business field, as well as social entrepreneurship, in particular.

I am the Co-Owner of Infinity Romania, an event planning company. I’ve been working in this industry for almost three years now. Everything happened due to the volunteering programs I took part of during high school, so one thing I know for sure is that networking makes the difference.

I love people, opportunities and being energy. I am extremely ambitious and my goal is to continuously try to exceed my condition and to permanently aspire to more- a quality that represents me in any type of collaboration that I am taking part of.

I do not hesitate to characterize myself as an extremely persuasive, ambitious and determined person, thus being why I can easily solve any limit situation that may occur during the process of achieving a certain and purposed objective.


Audrone Urmanaviciene, Ph.D. ​- Lecturer of Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program, mentor in Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

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