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SEIP-Design thinking workshop

The ability to be constantly come up with new innovative products or services that best serve the unmet needs of customers can be challenging. The design thinking approach can be used in finding creative innovative solutions to existing problems which meet your customers needs.

Design Thinking is an overarching development method used in the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program in creating an innovative product/service for ones potential customers. In building such a product or service, interacting with ones potential customers is key in figuring out the customers' wants in order to provide them with innovative solutions, thus, a more remarkable customer experience.

SEIP is hosting a 3 hours Design Thinking Workshop taking place on the 17th of September, 01:00 PM (EEST).

SEIP collaborates with experts who help participants to fully utilize tools needed in developing their social enterprise. For this event, SEIP is collaborating with Maarja Hallik who is going to be running the workshop on design thinking.

Maarja Hallik, based in Estonia, is the founder and co-leader of an educational program called Proovikivi, a civic engagement platform in the making, and is a project coordinator at Tallinn University. Maarja is passionate about making a difference in the world through investing in people's development and relationships, in educational innovation, sustainable development and smart (open) governance, among other topics.

In this workshop, participants will get the opportunity to use the design thinking approach to work on their existing ideas or projects with the help and guide of Maarja Hallik and receive feedback on their activities.

Criteria for participation are as follows:

  • You are a social entrepreneur or an aspiring social entrepreneur.

  • You have registered for the workshop.

  • You come with a ready-to-work mindset.

  • Stable internet connection for a video call where your camera is on, and you can speak. (please no black screen and noisy background)

If you are ready to use the Design Thinking approach on your existing ideas or come up with one, register for the event here:

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