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SEIP SATURDAYS - Customer Relations

We held another one of our General Assembly Meeting, which is now known as SEIP Saturdays, on the 30th of July, 2022. This meeting was completely different from the previous ones because we have introduced the “Themed SEIP Saturdays” this means before every upcoming meeting, we have a topic we’ll be focusing on, and send out a registration link for all participants to decide if they’ll like to talk about their experiences or give advice to those in need of it.

The theme for the last meeting was Customer Relations "How do you keep in touch with your customers/target group members? whereby 4 participants had issues they wanted to be resolved related to this topic.

First of all, everyone introduced themselves by stating their names and nationality.

Anita Czerny is from Hungary and finished a course focusing on caring for the elderly. She is looking to have a target group, which is family care, to reach older adults. Their goal is to support them in a way that their mental health and well-being are balanced. Now the difficulty they are facing is getting reactions to their Facebook post. Her question was “How to mobilize people to be more engaging in her content on her Facebook page which is related to taking care of elderly people”?

Tarushi Singh is from India, currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Business Administration, and she’s interested in opening a startup that focuses on creative art, she has presently, Instagram and YouTube Craft Channel however, the problem she is looking to solve is having her target group to be more active/engaged in her work.

Osodia is from Namibia, she’s the founder of Osodia Customological and Business School, it’s a non-Government organization, that trains people to create their own jobs. The organization deal with hair, makeup, massage therapy skin care. Her aim for this business was to reduce the unemployment rate, which is high in Namibia. The problem she is looking to solve is to attract clients as well as investors, so her question is how does she go about attracting investors to invest in her business?

Vidya Gandhimathinathan is from India, but studying in Lithuania, and her question was “what do you do when you are getting a lot of views but you’re not getting followers”?

These were the questions from 4 participants that were looking to solve a problem and everyone contributed to answering their questions, giving them amazing advice and ideas on how to go about getting customers and reaching their target group.

We are glad to announce to you that there is now a mini-course that focuses on this topic "Customer Relations in the Awareness Phase"

YEP members and registered paying members of our Incubation Program, can reach out to me for the free version of the course.

Were you looking for the answers we gave to the questions asked by the 4 participants? Then join us on our next SEIP Saturdays, taking place on the 13th of August.

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